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Dr. Wolf has over 30 years of practice experience. From adolescence through the geriatric years, she provides top-level care that meets the unique needs of her patients

Dr. Wolf is thorough and detailed in evaluating and treating both simple and complex issues. Details always matter.

Patients don't need multiple specialists for every health issue. Beyond primary care, Dr. Wolf treats pain, depression, fatigue, sleep problems, low libido, weight loss, and so much more!

Treatments are comprehensive and cutting edge, and results are lasting.

Dr. Wolf listens to you. She is warm, down to earth, and genuinely cares about your health.

Integrative care

Weight Loss

Attention Deficit Disorder

Intravenous Nutrient Therapies

Medical Cannabis

Suboxone Treatment

Chronic Fatigue

Primary Care

Pain Management

Depression and Anxiety

Personalized Nutrition

Women's Healthcare

Eating Disorders Treatment

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